Fall Offerings

This fall I will be offering massage, yoga and dance in Metchosin, my beloved home community on the westshore of Vancouver Island. You can find me at Atman Clinic, or at the Lodge at Weir’s Beach where I will be working a new schedule as my daughter begins to attend preschool. This summer has filled me with vibrant sunlight and joy.  I look forward to connecting with you to support your health, and to assist you to connect to your inner vibrance and the joys in your life.

My new offering for this year is a somatic release technique called Focusing. Sessions can be woven into a bodywork session, or experienced on its own for a potent transformation of the emotional, mental and physical energies that can create blocks in our healing process.

Look for Children’s Yoga and a Hatha Flow class to begin in October. Times and location will be announced.

Wishing you a beautiful fall as we move into the season of nourishing soups, warm woollens, fires and the cleansing rains. Om shanti.

Thai Massages Sessions available at the Fernwood Yoga Den

Thai Massage Therapy sessions are available during the day at the Den. If you are unavailable at this time, we can arrange for another location or time during the week. I can also travel to the comfort of your home!

What is a Thai Massage you ask?

An energetic massage traveling along 10 meridian pathways throughout the entire body and organ systems. From head to toe, techniques involve acupressure, joint mobility and assisted yoga poses. I use my fingers, hands, elbows, knees and feet to create varying levels of acupressure to your liking. Being fully clothed, the massage is performed on a mat on the floor, with bolsters and pillows for support in a variety of positions.

It is unique in that it works on multiple levels simultaneously – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects in a deep and therapeutic manner. It can be calming, soothing and gentle or vigorous and stimulating.

I have specializations in pre and post natal massage, hands free backwalking, and cupping and scraping techniques, available upon request.

Check it out and treat yourself to a holistic and energizing massage!