About Sarah

Namaste! Thank you for checking out my site. It has been a remarkable life, and I am fully blessed to be sharing it now…

I have been long called a free spirit, a rebel…someone who dances to the beat of their own drum. My journey has always been to support and guide others in their experiences – as a teacher with children and teens, as a wilderness guide and now as a Massage Therapist and Consciousness Coach.

An experience with cancer created the perfect storm for radical change in my life. I look back on that experience now with utmost gratitude…though didn’t always at the time. It has been a true gift for my emotional wellness, and has empowered me to share my passions and gifts. It truly changed the trajectory of my life.

I am fascinated with the inner landscape of our beings. I am passionate about facilitating sacred spaces for people to create connection between body~mind~spirit. To heal. To clear trauma from their cells and live in happiness and peace. It is an honour and a joy to assist others to access their inner wellspring of health and to move from surviving to thriving.


I believe movement truly is medicine. I bring an intelligent fusion of yoga, dance, breathwork and energetic bodywork to my clients which allows for me to provide different therapies as they shift and grow.  I am inspired by the work being generated by neuroscience, epi-genetics and somatic awareness practices and integrate these into my therapies.

I am thrilled to offer tow new modalities to my repetoire – Conscious Evolver Coaching, and Amino Neuro Feedback.

We are more powerful than we know. I so look forward to co-creating with you!

with love, light and laughter*

Sarah Wade

3 thoughts on “About Sarah

  1. Hello Sarah,
    Greetings from Iqaluit, Nunavut. While ski jouring with you in Gjoa Haven, I just knew that there were deeper depths to your persona beyond the outdoor sports enthusiast and teaching professional. You have indeed been on an inward journey of transformation, which I feel sure will continue for you.
    Good luck with your new “adventure.” You work is greatly needed.
    David (soon to be a resident of Bowen Island, BC)
    P.S. Great website

  2. David !! So good to hear from you, and what a kind message! I so appreciate your insights, and your support. Be sure to come visit when you arrive in BC – the last time we traveled past Bowen Island, we saw a huge pod of black dolphins !! You are in for such a treat. Enjoy the remainder of your time in Iqaluit, and send my love to the tundra and the midnight sun. xo Sarah

  3. Great meeting you the other day in Metchosin. We must get together and plot yoga theme’s.

    I’m around this weekend you’d like to get together! Free Sat late afternoon and Sunday all day. Add me on FaceBook.
    Cheryl Serpanchy

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