Conscious Evolver Coach

Consciousness Coaching

Being conscious and accountable for your personal evolution is a smart step to take, especially when you’re ready to make positive and impactful change in your life. 

The Conscious Evolver is a self directing healing tool that covers eight essential steps that take place in our natural evolution. These shifts can happen over a lifetime or in just a few days.

This tool assists you to be conscious of the stages of evolutionary growth when you are in them, assisting you with states of overwhelm, toxicity, negativity and unhealthy patterns.

A 30 minute workshop introduces you to how to use the Conscious Evolver, and a 60 minute coaching session is a deep dive into discovering what is holding back from your most luminous self. (90 minute sessions are also available).

With thought provoking questions and a keen eye to spot your patterns, I will help you identify and define where you are in Spirit, Career, Love, Lifestyle, Relationships and Challenges. When these aspects are defined, the next steps to evolve become efficient and clear.

Using somatic and body-centered techniques during our coaching session, we will have the opportunity to examine core wounds, limiting beliefs, traumatic experiences and repeating patterns.

By unlocking the patterns of the past, you will be able to evolve consciously through your life with grace and ease. Empowered with this potent tool, you will consciously map out the new direction in your life with confidence. You will be guided towards your own conscious evolution and enlightenment. 

Sessions are conducted in person/on phone/Skype/Zoom.